Slimming World Update – Week 31


How’s your week been? Mines been good, with plenty going on, despite it being the half term holiday, which normally stops us in our tracks a bit. Maybe it’s because he’s getting older, I don’t know, but I didn’t find this school holiday as hard as I have done in the past (you can read my previous musings on school holidays here, if you’re interested).

Food wise I’ve had an interesting week. You might recall I talked about doing a Success Express week, with two thirds of every meal consisting of SuperFree foods (fruit and veg). It was an interesting exercise, and whilst I’m not sure I completely followed the principles to the letter all week, I do know it made me much more conscious of the amount of SuperFree in my meals. I also chose to base meals around vegetables, rather than using them as sides. This worked really well and resulted in meals such as Mediterranean Ratatouille with roast pork and Pepper, Mushroom and Aubergine curry. I also found I was eating more fruit (went nuts and bought loads of types I don’t normally get), both as snacks and as desserts. I didn’t find it any harder than an average week – it just took a little more consideration at the beginning of the week. It’s something I’d definitely do again and actually it’s made me realise I want to up the amount of Super Free I eat anyway. Tis all good!

So all in all a great week. The hardest part of the week, was actually the weigh in. I didn’t go to my usual group on Tuesday as I couldn’t get there (hope you had amazing holiday Sarah!) Instead I went to the Haslemere group on Thursday. That two extra day wait to see if what I was doing was working was excruciating!! But I can confirm that yes it was working and last night I lost the 0.5lb I put on last week, the 2lb I needed to get my next award and an extra 2lb just for fun 😉 Yup I lost 4.5lb which takes my total lost to 4 Stone 9.5lb (65.5lb). The consultant at Haslemere said she felt very privileged to give me my 4.5 Stone award, which was very sweet of her.

I have 2lb to lose to drop into the next stone bracket so I think I’d like to do that this week please.


I’m going to be weighing at Haslemere again next week as I’m off for a night out next Tuesday. So expect my update on Friday next week too.

Have a great week


PS I tried to upload photos but the WordPress pixies are not playing ball – will keep trying!

Slimming World Update – Week 30

Hi there

As I guessed this week has been really hard for me. And when I say hard I don’t mean unpleasant just, well, hard.

We had my mum visit with us this weekend for her birthday, which resulted in cake and fizz and lunches out. It also resulted in a babysitter, allowing Ben and I to have a night out for an early Valentine’s celebration. I ate out three times in two days! And the wine, let’s not forget the wine 😉 .

I did try to make healthy choices where possible. Alright, excluding the cake and the chocolate tart and the wine! And yeah I had a nice time, but I have to admit it left me feeling sluggish and a bit grim. Monday, I went straight back to normal eating, with a gorgeous vegetable and lentil curry. I needed it after such indulgence.

And despite managing expectations and going for a more realistic maintain this week, I was a little bit disappointed (if not wholly surprised) to find out I’d gained 0.5lb last night. The 0.5lb I bemoaned losing last week! That’s weight loss karma if ever I saw it. I wont ever moan about a loss again, regardless of how tiny!

So my total loss is back to 4 Stone 5lb (61lb).

And I’m starting to get annoyed with myself. I’ve been dithering around this weight for what seems like ages. I just want to get my 4 1/2 Stone award. So this week I’m going to try a Success Express week. Usually SW recommend one third of your meal comprises of “SuperFree” foods (read fruit and veg). With Success Express it changes to two thirds. I’m looking forward to it for two reasons. 1) I feel like I need extra fruit and veg. I’ve been so tired since the weekend and I think this will set my system straight again and 2) it’s a small challenge. I think I’ve become a little complacent and this will make me think more closely about what I’m doing. Who knows I may even discover some new favourite recipes!

So this is my plan for the coming week and I intend to lose 2lb and reach my 4 1/2 stone award. Got that? Good!

So boot camp talk over – I wanted to share with you something that blew my mind this week. I follow the blog of a fellow SW member MidlifeMummy. A week ago I read this post in which she listed reasons her journey had stalled and asked for a “kick up the bottom”. I commented and didn’t really think much more of it. A few days later another post of hers popped up in my inbox. It was entirely dedicated to me! ME! I was stunned. Her next post then went on to explain what her AND her family had done with the motivation she’d gained. I was STUNNED! Honestly. It blew me away that such a small input from a stranger could impact on an entire family and beyond!

So – be careful what you say to people, they could be listening!!! 😉

Have a great week!


Date Night!

Valentine’s Date Night