Slimming World Update – Week 62

Wotcha (does anyone still say that, other than cockney children in the 80’s?)

How’s your week been? If it’s been nothing else I hope it was fun!

Mine’s not been too bad as it goes. Busy, but productive for the most part. There’s few better feelings than getting stuff done. It’s just so satisfying. I couldn’t even tell you what I’ve gotten done, so many little bitty things, but then it’s the small stuff that makes up life isn’t it?

OK, so firstly I have a confession. Last week I set myself two goals. One was to lose 1lb and the other was not to weigh myself on my own scales in between weigh ins. Truth is, I actually found not weighing myself at home much harder than I anticipated. I found myself thinking I’d just ‘check’ and having to stop myself all week. And on Tuesday morning I finally caved. I couldn’t even make it a whole week. I’m disappointed in myself, but I also know leaving the scales where they were was tempting fate. I should have just done what my mum said and put them in the shed! They didn’t give me the actual weight I was at weigh in anyway, so why did I bother? Seriously! This coming week I will ask Ben to hide them. I want to see how it feels to go a whole week without just ‘checking’. And also I figure if I can make it through a couple of weeks it’ll get easier – I didn’t weigh myself at home for the first 6 months of this journey so really it’s just a silly habit I need to break.

As to the other goal, well you’ll be pleased to hear I lost 1.5lb at last night’s weigh in, taking my total lost to 6 stone 5.5lb (89.5lb). I’ve finally lost more than the lowest I got to this summer. I’m really pleased with this and finally feel I’m losing weight again, rather than just paying off the interest (if I can use a financial metaphor for a moment!). This summer has been a funny one really. I got my 6 stone in June and then spent the next three months on some kind of  wiggly detour. It would have been nice to have followed a more linear route, but hey, I’m still going. I’ve said it so many times you probably get sick of hearing it, but this is a journey, not a sprint to the finish. It’s about losing weight, yes. But it’s also about learning and trying and failing and persevering. Of becoming someone I can be proud to be. Losing weight alone wouldn’t give me that. I don’t believe you’re a better person just because you’re ‘thin’. For me it’s all about the process.

And that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Earlier on in the week I read the most marvellous post by Weight Loss Bitch (if you’re interested in weight loss, Slimming World or indeed motivation this blog is for you. This lady has so far lost 21st with Slimming World and her writing regularly inspires me.) It’s all about not comparing yourself and your weight loss journey to anyone else’s. If you have the time I heartily recommend reading it. From a personal point of view, I have people tell me from time to time, that they wished they could be as motivated as me or lose as (mostly) consistently as I do or as much as I have. And I mentally shake my head, because I know the struggle I go through to do it and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But then I know I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, particularly when people lose large chunks of weight at a time. Thing is, I don’t know their situation, the emotional impact their weight or their body image has on them. And it came up in group this week, when someone made a comment about our consultant Sara’s figure. Sara has done brilliantly well on Slimming World, losing weight and keeping it off. But as she said “just because I ‘look like this’, what makes you think I’m happy? We none of us know the issues the other deal with every day. You can be inspired by others, absolutely , but comparing your journey to anyone else’s, as far as I can see, really will bring you no peace.

Just a thought.

Anyway, so the coming week has a couple of small challenges for me, mostly in the form of wine. I don’t really drink, unless it’s a special occasion (night out, wedding etc). This weekend we have Ben’s mum coming to visit and sitting around chatting with guests and a glass of the ole Chardonnay (said in best TOWIE accent) is one of my fave things to do. I wont be going mad, but it’s best to be honest with yourself. If I can maintain this week I will be happy. I know it’s only 1.5lb to my next award, but you know, I’ve been waiting for it so blimmin’ long, another week wont kill me, especially if it’s in the name of fun 😉

And to end I thought I’d share this with you. Not sure if you remember a post I wrote back in May about my shopping trip to Fat Face? I was so happy I could finally fit into proper brand names. Any who I recently added that post to a blog linkup called All About Me and it got an amazing response, even from Fat Face themselves (welcoming me as a customer – sweet). Only then I realised, I’ve lost a stone since then and I wondered if I could see a difference. I think I can.

What a stone looks like from the back. May to Sept 2014

What a stone looks like from the back. May to Sept 2014

Have a great week people






Just me…

I am fast approaching 35. I will soon be truly in my mid thirties. I am married. I have a young son who I spend my time caring for and thinking about and being responsible for. I worry about his behaviour, his development, his food (both intake and content). I am a mother.

But just sometimes I want to feel like more than that.

I sat down today to write a very worthy and well thought-out post about the differences in all our children and how good it feels to know that what I have chosen to do (choice by choice) was the right thing for Oscar (regardless of whether it was right for another child etc). I still might write it. It’s a good piece.

But right now I want to listen to music that breaks my heart or makes it jump. I want to dance and to not think at all. It doesn’t happen that often, but just now I want to be engulfed by a beat and let it take me away. I just want to be me.

So instead of writing my worthy mummy post I have my headphones on and Spotify turned up loud and I’m going to tell you a bit about me.

Just me.

1) I have moved house 13 times in my nearly 35 years.

2) I have lived in the West Midlands, Devon, London (South West and East), South Wales and Surrey.

3) Possibly because of No1 I am a ruthless declutterer. I also have next to no ornaments.

4) I get a thrill out of selling on eBay. If it sits unused for long enough in my house its gone. Come to mine and sit still long enough you could find yourself on the Bay.

5) I am the oldest of three children.

6) I used to be so scared of spiders that I once called Ben back from the pub to come and catch one I saw in the lounge (it was MASSIVE!) and sat on the worktop til he came home. After having Oscar I realised the spiders eat the flies that were bothering my baby so I started leaving them alone. Me and spiders now live a happy coexistence.

7) I did GCSE Dance. I wasn’t very good. I got a D. But how many other people do you know who did GCSE dance?

8) My favourite numbers are 12 and 9. I have no idea why.

9) I have, and always have had, very wide feet.

10) I enjoy cross stitch. The first one I ever did was a Winnie the Pooh for my GodDaughter’s Christening.

11) I love nail varnish, but very rarely have the patience to let it dry without smudging it.

12) I am not one of life’s patient people, but I am your go to girl, if you need a decision making quickly and under pressure.

13) I was an Account Manager for Face to Face Fundraising for 5 years. You may hate it as a fundraising method, but don’t ever start an argument about it with me. You will never win. Could still be fun though!

14) I ran a summer playscheme for young people in Swansea in 2010. It was the most fun I’ve ever had that I got paid for.

15) I have only had two serious boyfriends in my whole life. I have been engaged to both of them.

16) The food I think I could eat every day is Smoked Salmon.

17) I would rather eat razor blades than peas.

18) I didn’t fly until I was 21. I also didn’t have a passport until I was 21.

19) My maiden name was WiLLson with two Ls. No one ever ever spelt it right. I was so happy to change it.

20) My married name is Savage. More people than you would imagine, have a problem with the surname Savage. It’s a real word people! Who ever heard of the word Savidge (yes I’ve had it spelt like that!)

21) I have Epilepsy and have had since I was 13. I haven’t had a fit for over a year (quick touch some wood!).

22) I spent most of my childhood wanting to be a teacher.

23) My teenage posters went from Kylie and Jason to Take That to Jon Bon Jovi. Don’t judge me,

24) I was a children’s shoe fitter for 2 years and I fitted the bridesmaids for Tim Henman’s wedding.

25) I can’t drive (mostly due to No 21). I did start to learn in 2010 and plan to take it back up.

26) I can be competitive, but not enough to actually be the best at anything. Casual competitiveness that’s me.

27) I have traveled to four continents (Europe, America, Africa & Asia).

28) Its been my dream to visit Australia since spending a term at Primary School studying it. We also studied World War Two, but I have never wanted to visit that.

29) I have only ever owned two pets as an adult. Two goldfish called Monkhouse and Kilroy. Kilroy died within a day of getting him.

30) I’m not allergic to anything. The only intolerance I have is of thoughtlessness. And the Archers.

31) My favourite subject at school was Drama. I took Theatre Studies A ‘level and went on to study it at University. I never wanted to be an Actor.

32) I love singing. I was in a choir at school and sang in a concert at the NEC for Children in Need with Jasper Carrot and Roy Castle. These days you’re more likely to find me singing in the kitchen whilst cooking. Or occasionally at Karaoke.

33) I’m shudder inducingly scared of rats. Bleugh!

34) I’m a big fan of BBC TV comedy.  Favourites include Blackadder, Ab Fab, The Thick of it, Alan Partridge, Gavin & Stacey and The Mighty Boosh.

35) I have an uncanny ability to remember lyrics to songs.

36) I have never been skiing. Anyone who knows how clumsy I can be will probably thankful for this.

37) I have an unhealthy love of Diet Coke. It’s ruining my teeth!

38) I have sprained my ankle twice, cracked a bone in my foot, broken my big toe, broken my left index finger, cracked a rib and have subluxated (not quite dislocated) my shoulder several times. See why No 36 is not a good idea?

39) I love cooking and reading cooking books. You can knock her for her food porn programs, but Nigella Lawson is a fantastic writer and I love reading her books as much as I do cooking her food. So there!

40) This blog is saving my sanity one post at a time and I am, and always will be, eternally grateful, touched and a tiny bit bewildered that people actually take the time to read it.

Thank you for indulging today’s random post. We all need a little bit of the random in our lives. It’s what keeps the boredom at bay!

Would love to hear a random fact about you that I might not know.

Just me, 1996


Just me, 2013

Just me, 2013