Slimming World Update Week 24

Happy New Year!

So if you’ve read this post, you’ll know I had a fab Christmas and New Year and I hope you did too.

Last night I had my first weigh in for 2014. I’ve been attending a group in Liphook, but last year we found out that there was a group opening up, on 2nd Jan, in Haslemere. I could walk to it in 10 minutes. I wouldn’t have to rely on others for lifts and if Slimming World has taught me one thing, it’s to take control of your own journey. So last night I had my first weigh in at my new group. As my mum said later it probably wasnt the best week to change groups.

I gained 2.5lb in 10 days.

It doesn’t sound too much and I am relieved it wasn’t more, but it was my first significant gain in six months and I really needed the support of my group to talk it over, and last nights group didn’t give me that. It was primarily full of new members at the beginning of their journey, so the meeting only dealt with how SW works. We did no Image Therapy at all. I kicked myself later for not realising this would be the case.

So it’s made me think. Should I put the convenient location of one group over the usefulness and the supportiveness of another? I know the Haslemere group will bed in and become just as supportive as any other and it is only a 10 minute walk away, whereas Liphook is a good 15 minute drive (and I don’t drive!). But I missed my group last night.

Its left me with a quandary I didn’t expect and I one I will have to give serious consideration over the next week.

Which brings me to the strategy for the coming week. I am 100% back on form now and my first goal is to lose the weight I have gained. I would like to do this by next week’s weigh in. But where that will be I honestly can’t tell you at the moment and that’s bothering me.

Hmm decisions need to be made.

Anyway I got home and did a bit of my own image therapy. Ben and I discussed how important it was for me not to forget how far I had come, despite my gain this week. This photo is helping with that. The left hand picture was taken on the first day I could get my jeans back on – 13th Sept 2013. The right hand one was taken in the changing room at Fat Face on 31st December 2013. I didn’t buy the dress as it was still a bit tight on the bum, but I like the difference I can see in my shape. It also shows the difference a good bra can make!!! Oh and the dress on the right is 3 sizes smaller that the one on the left. Another goal is to conquer FatFace this year – I do like their stuff!

Sept to Dec

Sept to Dec

Have a great week xxx

7 thoughts on “Slimming World Update Week 24

  1. Wow! You can really see the transformation in the face! You look absolutely wonderful! Please, please don’t let the 2.5 gain break you as it does many others! The journey is long and hard and gaining weight sucks but it’s all part of the process. It seems like you’re picking yourself up well and carrying on which is all you can do. I really wish you continued success. You got this!


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