Slimming World Update – Week 12

Half a pound

Half a pound

Morning! Well I weighed in yesterday and for the first time in 12 weeks I had a gain. I gained 0.5lb.

Do I know why?


Am I OK with this?


Do I regret it?

Do I what? Of course not. I had a bloody brilliant time and who is this crazy lady asking me all these questions anyway???

So yeah I had a tiny gain this week and I was completely expecting it, in fact I’m surprised it wasn’t more. I am still on 2 Stone 2.5lb (30lb)

Last Saturday our next door neighbours invited us to a wine tasting evening round theirs. It was fantastic and not just because my amazing friend Emma babysat so we didn’t have to worry about the boy (thank you again petal)! The company running the event bought all the wines and sheets for us to make notes etc. We sat round Tania & Andy’s dining table and supped 15 different wines through the evening. I still don’t like red (sorry guys, I really wanted to but I’m a white girl, preferably anything from the Chardonnay grape), my favourite was a white burgundy, and I learnt so many interesting things about making, tasting and appreciating wine. We then had a gorgeous dinner we cooked ourselves on the hot stone grill. It was just so much fun.

I went knowing I was going to go over my Syns for one night. I didn’t go berserk but my choices were not always the most healthy and it goes to show how much difference one night can make. I worked hard to limit the damage the rest of the week and am glad I did. I hate to think what the gain would have been had I not :s

Anyway, that was last week and now I get to concentrate on this week. I would at least like to lose the 0.5lb I’ve gained this week and maybe 1lb more. There’s 11 weeks until Christmas and I would really like to reach 3.5 stone loss by then. It would be fantastic.

Strike that, it will be fantastic. My favourite mantra at the moment?

Do or don’t do – there is no try!

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